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Escape into Carnival Nolianna!

Join our heroine, 16-year-old Lilah after the death of her last living relative when she reconnects with Joey, a boy from her childhood who harbors a secret. Needing to know what is, Lilah follows him and finds herself in Carnival Nolianna, a disappearing world of magic and wonder hidden just beyond the veil of the ordinary looking for ten new members.

With Nolianna set to disappear at the end of Masquarade in four days, Lilah must decide if she should follow her heart and Joey into Nolianna for good, or trust her instincts and intellect that Nolianna may not be what it seems. When Sebastian, the future leader of Nolianna, sets his sights on having her join, will she even have a choice? With time ticking away, Lilah must decide if love is enough to keep her and Joey together in Nolianna, or if she can rely on what she knows to be true and save them from disappearing for good. 
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